FV Team Member Bio

Meet William

Master Stylist
Location: Stonefield

William has been in the industry since his junior year of high school, falling in love with it he has spent countless hours every day researching education and attending multiple advanced education classes. He has been trained under multiple stylists and has the idea that you can always learn something from everybody. He loves being able to help others and make them feel great after every service.

William's goal is to one day become an educator in the industry and to run his own school. He loves being able to consistently learn and seek new advanced education to constantly be on top of the new skills and techniques in the industry. In his free time, he loves to watch films or go to the movies, enjoy dining at restaurants, spending time with friends, traveling, or just taking random day trips.

William is a highly skilled stylist specializing in:
• Balayage + Ombre Color Services
• Highlights/Lowlights Color Services
• Single Process Color Services
• Eclipting Color Service
• Fantasy Color
• Long Layered Hair Cuts
• Short Stacked Cuts
• Bob/Lob Cuts
• Men's Hair Cuts & Color