Our Values


Service: We believe in good customer service and that it is a team effort. It’s up to all of us to help you have a great visit to our salon, not just the stylist you are seeing that day. Our culture (and compensation model) supports and rewards team members for working together to create a 5-star experience. If your stylist or colorist is running behind, another team member will be there to assist. If you have a question, anyone will gladly be available to help. You'll never get the feeling that you're locked into one stylist and can't interact with other stylists without consequences at our salon.

Teamwork: For us, this is a united effort supporting individual strengths while achieving group goals. You will feel this the moment you walk through our doors. At Face Value, everyone is responsible for taking care of our guests. While we know you have your favorite service provider(s), in our salon, it's okay to try others on our team. We don't mind. In fact, we encourage it! Celebrities have teams of people who make them look great, why can't you?

Technology: We want to make your life easier and we are all about using technolog to make that happen. With online booking, text and email reminders, online bridal party planning, and more, we are always innovating and looking for better ways to meet your needs.

Systems: This enables everyone on the team to focus on what they do best: serving you!

Continuing Education: We know that through constant learning we gain inspiration and excitement which promotes confidence and growth. Education keeps us moving forward to success.

Responsibility: We are a small town business with a global heart. We believe in acting responsibily with all of our resources, and making good choices that have good results here and beyond. We are proud to be provide a safe and healing environment for our staff and clients - for example we use products that are sustainable yet effective and we filter our salon air to provide a fresh environment. We daily live out the belief that we want to be the change we want to see in the world.


Happiness: We believe happiness is a choice. We choose to make a concentrated effort to minimize the obstacles that we face, creating a place where the things we care about come together.

Success: Success is a path of our collaborative effort to push one another to accomplish our common goals to be better. It is based on our generosity towards all.

Relationships: A partnership built upon honesty, security, love, commitment, and communication.

Support: We believe in empowering each other as a team through both adversity and success. Building each other up with trust and respect.

Fun: At face value we love coming to work and sharing our creativity with you. Our joy, laughter, and passion are contagious.

Learning: Always expanding our collective knowledge to increase our confidence in our craft and creativity.

Truth: We genuinely believe our unwavering commitment to integrity guides us in all the decisions we make.