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As a locally-owned small business, Face Value cares about the community we serve because it’s also our hometown. In an effort to concentrate our support, we have chosen to give to charities and groups that mirror our business philosophies and the concerns of our guests, they include women’s health issues, children’s organizations, animal rights organizations, endeavors that promote creative or artistic development, and environmental concerns.

As a business, we get requests for donations almost daily. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to participate in every request. But for those that we can, we think we have come up with a great way to support your fundraising efforts:

Face Value Community Nights!

Pick a day for your organization, and we will donate up to 20% of our sales from your supporters who come in and receive services from us. This is a great way to help local organizations raise funds, and – it’s fun!

Beneficiaries are advised that a contribution in a particular situation is not an indication that support will continue on a regular basis.

Who is eligible to schedule a community night?
Any non-profit organization (501 C-3) or an established group or organization that is working to make our community a better place. We cannot make donation checks out to individuals.

What dates are eligible for a community night?
Generally, we schedule one a month – usually on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Can we do more than one community night?
It’s possible – it depends on the time of year and our availability. We will need to discuss this more.

How much money is generally raised?
It depends on how well your organization can get the word out and motivate your supporters.

How can we get the word out to motivate our supporters and raise money?

  1. Emailing your supporters
  2. Post it on your Facebook Page
  3. Announce it on your web site
  4. Include it on your blog and/or newsletters

Here’s some Sample Copy to help you get started:
Help Us Raise Money
– Just by going to the salon!
Face Value salon at Stonefield is donating up to 20% of their sales to [name of organization] on Wednesday, [date]. Save the date and tell your friends!  Be sure to tell the desk that you are with us so we get the credit!

How can we schedule a community night?
Please complete our Community Night Request form below. We will be in touch with you after we have received it to let you know if your event will fit our schedule and to discuss your event in more detail.


Contact Person:
Are you a 501C3?
I will promote the event in at least 2 of the ways described in getting the word out:
I have the authority to request this funding event for my organization and approval to promote it in the ways described:
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